Our fully equipped mobile unit comes to your door step and clean grime, rust or old paint off metal surfaces at your site.We are a Most trusted Brand in Sand blasting and painting services in Sri Lanka . Our sand blasting technique is the safest way to clean and restore any surface, and a superior option to traditional sandblasting and power washing. We can remove virtually any type of coating, paint, rust, or dirt from any surface quickly. Our technology has many uses and is environmentally friendly, safe, fast, effective, and doesn’t create heat, sparks, or dust clouds. The best part is, we are MOBILE, so we come to you! Right from oil production platforms to refining and distribution, we have customized products designed to achieve the best in every application… The GSW brand has been helping companies succeed in the face of many application challenges.
Right from oil production platforms to refining and distribution, we have customized products designed to achieve the best in every application.Product Requirement: Zinc silicates, aliphatic polyurethane to aluminum heat resistant paints.Super durable finishes.High long-term corrosion resistance.Resistance to aggressive exposure to high and continuous wave action and salt spray.
Our Power products offer a choice of high-performance, heavy-duty coatings, designed to protect assets against the specific corrosive environment they are exposed to. We recognize the unique coating requirements of the Power Industry are exposed to, and we offer the right coating solution for your needs with specialized application technique.
Product Features
Thermal Power,High temperature resistance,High corrosion resistance Hydro project,Low moisture permeability,High water resistance Humidity resistance,Fluid friction resistance,Durability/long life


We recognize the unique coating requirements for infrastructure applications, whether the structures are steel or concrete. We have the widest selection of coatings that meet the requirements, budget constraints, and environmental regulations of each project. Selecting the correct coating system is vital – whether it is a new construction, major refurbishment or a routine maintenance. We provide a wide range of coating for flyovers, airports, the metro, sky buses, ports etc. which include a range of epoxy finishes and polyurethanes.
Product Requirement:
Excellent aesthetics
Wide range of shades
Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
Easy to apply
We have a large team of field and technical representatives, dedicated to the Petroleum/Petrochemical sectors, and the most comprehensive product line, designed to meet the diversified requirements in this market.Our coatings apply to every aspect of your operation, including:
Petroleum generating plants
Distribution stations
Transmission line

We can remove any coating/rust or dirt from any surface